Bina Secure Structure

What We Do

Bina is a one-stop solution for all your needs of constructing a building from scratch like from cleaning the space, getting approvals, and completing the building and handover to the customer. Understanding requirements: before starting any project we first sit and discuss and understand with the customer various requirements such as the purpose of the building, future expansion requirement, size of the building, ventilation, and any heavy equipment handling within the building.

Preparing the estimate – once the requirement is finalized we prepare a rough budget for the project and get approval from the customer. After the approval from the customer, our dedicated team will design the building with the latest software. Once the architectural design is ready we give a final commercial offer to our customers.

Getting acknowledged by the customer we start working parallel on Land cleaning, submitting documents to government authorities for approval, doing soil test and starting prefabrication of the building.

  • Delay in construction
  • Unnecessary heavy foundation
  • High expenses of maintenance
  • No space for future expansion
  • Hidden construction cost
Bina Secure Structure